Your Health Insurance Coverage Options Explained

Health insurance coverage comes in a number of forms. Your best option will depend upon your situation:

  • Group Plans: If you work for a large employer, you should be able to purchase health insurance through an employer-sponsored "group plan".
  • COBRA Plans: When you leave a group plan, you may be able to continue your coverage through COBRA temporary health insurance, or you may decide to purchase individual health insurance coverage. Learn more about COBRA
  • Medicare: If you are over 65, you may qualify for government sponsored insurance known as Medicare.
  • Medicaid: If your income is limited, you may qualify for state-sponsored programs under Medicaid.
  • Individual Plans: If you do not fall into any category above, you may be eligible to purchase an Individual plan…
    • Learn about your individual health plan options
    • Or get individual health insurance now
  • Plans for the Ill or Injured: If you currently ill, you may not qualify for an Individual plan. But you may be able to obtain health coverage through a state sponsored program for high-risk individuals.

These programs typically cost significantly more than an individual insurance plan from an insurance company, but they may be the only option for some individuals. Please contact a licensed insurance agent in your area to find out more about state sponsored programs for high-risk individuals.

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